Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung with Lucas

After the sex picture scandal, many have questioned whether Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s marriage have come to a crisis. Yesterday, the couple were at Thailand Airport and appeared to be very close and positive. They appeared to be holding hands together. Their son Lucas was taken care of by their maid. This evidence showed that the couple were still very close and inseparable. This was also the couple’s debut appearance together.

Edison’s scandal had caused a lot of gossip almost everywhere. This led to Cecilia and Nicholas’s relationship being the spotlight of the event. Although Nicholas has always declared his relationship with his wife had always been good. This didn’t stop the rumours about his relationship reaching to an end. The couple have also not appeared together since this scandal event happened.

The Paparazzi have been following there whereabouts ever since the scandal. Nicholas went to Thailand for a costume fitting for the movie “Wind & Cloud 2”. While there were reports of Cecilia carrying Lucas around places in Thailand. This had led more paparazzi to hit Thailand. It wasn’t until yesterday that the media got a glance of the couple at Thailand airport preparing to aboard to Hong Kong.

Cecilia was wearing a cap and black shades. The airport had many gates and they marched into a gate where there was only one reporter that approached them. Nicholas immediately muttered “Well, only one reporter? “ Suddenly there was a scene of chaos as the paparazzi rushed out of other gates to approach the couple. Although the couple had male and female airline security, Nicholas still didn’t feel comfortable about Lucas’s safety. He jokes to the media “ You better not bash into my son or I won’t let you off” His assistant also joked “You don’t even let off a baby? Then starts to play with Lucas, making him giggle. Not sure whether the weather was too hot but Lucas appeared to have eczema all over his face.

Because there was too much paparazzi taking pictures, Cecilia and Nicholas were over crowded and lost each other. Nicholas had to shout to Cecilia in order for her to find him and they held hands tightly. Cecilia looked down and did not say a word.
Nicholas did not respond to any questions until he was asked whether he had fun in Thailand with his wife? He responded “We came over here to work, not to have fun.”

They got to the end of the gate and Nicholas smiled “See you all in Hong Kong”. Cecilia was then seen carrying Lucas.
Accordingly to the original plan, Nicholas had further costume fittings. But for unknown reasons the production team had allowed him to go back to Hong Kong early.

The couple were also flying on different aircrafts. He was eager to change his ticket last night to enable them to fly together, but there were no seats available. But the good thing was there was only a 20 minute gap in departing time for each aircraft. Nevertheless it was a warm and touching moment to see them so close together.

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