Nicholas Teo favours older gal-younger guy relationships

“Wang Zi” goes on a tour and his autograph session attracted the support of 5000 fans.

Nicholas Teo keep up with latest album promotion and headed over to Singapore to meet the media and fans. He held an autograph session at Xin Da City and approximately 5000 fans attended the event. Fans from Malaysia also formed a group and thronged the venue. This caused the “Prince” to feel their extra care and he therefore gave a big wide smile.

The new album was named “Wang Zi” and Nicholas had in fact opposed the idea,”I wouldn’t say I’m good-looking or someone who’s really good at singing. Calling myself a ‘Prince’ would make me feel very ‘paiseh’.”

Most fans would probably like to know the kind of “Princess” this “Prince” is in search for. The Prince said that his “Princess” does not necessarily have to be really pretty or having a great figure: “As long as the ‘feel’ is right, I will try to get to know her.”

He also accepts “older gal-younger guy” relationships, but the girl could not be older than him by more than five years.

“What’s crucial is that she could not be younger than me. I have a sister who is younger by 4 years, and our relationship is very good. If she is younger, it would feel that I’m going out with my sister.”

Nicholas spends much time working overseas and would not consider long-distance relationships: “I’m stationed in Taiwan and didn’t really know I should find a suitable partner over there or in Malaysia. Moreover, I can’t give her any promise whatsoever.”

From: China Press

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