Nicholas and Cyndi Spends Their Last Day Together in Taiwan With Fans

Idol drama Smile Pasta has ended on the 22nd! On the same afternoon, Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Zhang went to see their fans. Cyndi said, "Because Nicholas must return to Malaysia on the 23rd, we decided to meet with everyone on his last day in Taiwan."

When Cyndi was asked whether she will visit him in Malaysia, she said, "I probably won’t since Nicholas will return to Taiwan shortly." Nicholas joked, "We see each other everyday this past half year. Therefore for a short time, we might not want to see his other!"

Smile Pasta’s ratings have been very high and even the products are sold well. Because there are many buyers, the company decided to temporarily bring all the products from Taipei to Taiwan to sell. Cyndi said,"14 episodes had been aired, but our OST has been on the charts for 17 weeks!" Everything seemed to have sold out, even the DVD sets, photo books, manga, and other products!

To match the series, the two of them wore their costumes to the fan meeting. Cyndi wore a white shirt with red high-heel shoes, revealing her sexy small waist. Nicholas also changed into his celebrity look with casual jeans.

Although the drama has ended, the two of them are still very busy. Regarding the word ‘vacation’, Nicholas joked, "I don’t even dare to think of it. Other than recording an album, I also have a few comercials to film." Fortunately Cyndi gets a rest, "Because I haven’t rested for two years already, my company agreed to let me rest for a month. I am preparing to travel outside the country to learn English."

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