Newspaper writes that Andy Lau was Killed Last Night?

After reporting Andy Lau’s death several months ago, there is a website announced that a tabloid’s headlines in Beijing state that Andy Lau was being gunned down yesterday, however a lively Andy appeared at the press conference thus it seems that the report is very creative.

The Beijing tabloid was selling in train stations with the content stating that how Andy got "killed", it narrates that Andy and his bodyguard set off to the outskirt of Kowloon, he encountered 6 gun men at Yu Fon Bridge which resulted that Andy and his bodyguard got killed, this happened because Andy has intimate relationship with the daughters of 2 secret societies’ bosses in Hong Kong.

Andy’s assistant replied to reporters: "There was such allegations at the end of last year, Andy will not answer to this, but he would reserve the rights to investigate this matter. Andy had just finished shooting of The Protege, he will be back to Hong Kong soon."

It’s heard that Andy had arrived at Beijing for the promotion of his new album, thus fans need not worry!

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2006 would be held from 23 September to 8 August at 3 different cinemas where 67 Asian movies would be screened, actors from 7 Hong Kong produced movies attended the press conference yesterday.

Among the movies to be screened is one of Andy’s Focus: First Cut project My Mother is a Belly Dancer which star Kristal Tin, Lam Ka-tung and Monie Tung. Lam expressed that he once took script to his boss (Andy) to go into production, however he was rejected by Andy as was told to carry on acting to earn money for the company. Lam added that he hope Andy would invest for him to produce movies as he currently has 2 scripts on hand which he had already passed one to the company, he hope that it will be made into a movie.

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