New Tsai Ming-Liang Project Announced with All-Star Cast

Tsai Ming-Liang has been selected to take place in the 9th Pusan Promotion Plan with a film entitled Faces. Pusan Promotion Plan is a project market created by the Pusan International Film Festival in 1998 in order to support the production of outstanding Asian projects. Faces, which will focus on a directors’ special approach to cinema and moviemaking, will be shot entirely in the Louvre Museum and will feature a fanboy’s dream cast of Jean-Pierre Leaud, Maggie Cheung, and Lee Kang-sheng. To find out more about the Pusan Internation Film Festival and the Pusan Promotion Plan, which also includes new films by director’s Pen-ek Rantanaruang, Ryoo Seung-wan and Aoyama Shinji.

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