New Singers “Cry” as Big Stars Like TVXQ! and Se7en Make Their Comebacks

The comeback of big stars is making new singers lose their places on the stage.

Television performances of new singers are narrowed down because of the comebacks of big singers. Their return are causing tension and giving no space for new singers.

Big stars who have not had any acitivty for a long time are given longer performance time, lasting from 5 to 8 minutes. Consequently giving shorter time to new singers. The segment is commonly called as the "Comeback Special". Last October 1, TVXQ! had their comeback performance in SBS "Ingigayo", which lasted more than 8 minutes. The group sang 3 songs from their new album. Lee Seung Chul and Rain will soon be starting their album promotions for their 8th and 4th albums, respectively.

Other singers like Shin Seung Hun, Sung Si Kyung, Lee Jung Hyun and SE7EN, who will release his album on October 26, are all scheduled for television performances. As many big stars are making their comebacks, it is certain that new singers stand a narrow chance to showcase their songs

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