New mainland series “Hu Jia Han Yue” Press Con

Recently, large-scale historical legend epic series "Hu Jia Han Yue"??????, at Great Wall Hotel held a grand press conference starring Ning Jing, Gallen Lo, Xia Yu(??), Wang Bo Wen(???), and director ?? attended the press conference. Gallen and Wang Bo Wen’s brothers like relationship has become the numerous media focal point.

It is reported that "Hu Jia Han Yue" is mainly about the historical story of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Emperor Xiao Wen(???) reform process. In this series, Gallen takes the role as Li Biao who is very poor in the beginning but later discovered by Emperor Xiao Wen and promoted Li Biao to become a high ranking official.

Mainland version’s "Takeshi Kaneshiro", Wang Bo Wen takes the role as Emperor Xiao Wen. Gallen and Wang have a lot of screening time together. Gallen is like an elder brother to Wang whether its in the series or outside the series.

It is not exceptional at this press conference, during interview, Gallen worried Wang as a newcomer will face difficulties or being isolated. Therefore every time he will get Wang over to accept the interview together, and recommends Wang vigorously in front of the media. Wang stated that Gallen is not only an actor with great performances, he is also a very nice person and hope to have the opportunity to work with Gallen as brothers in series in the future.

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