New Chinese Version of “Prison Break”,

There will soon be a Chinese version of the popular American TV series “Prison Break.”

The Beijing Morning Post on Wednesday reported the Zhongbo Media Group has bought the rights to adapt the movie from the Fox Broadcasting for 1.2 million US dollars.

But the company has only bought the rights to create an online video adaptation.

Zhongbo Media plans to create a 200-minute online movie based on the original series. Shooting will start in the middle of May and should be finished by the end of June.

Zhongbo Media Chief Chen Weiming says the Chinese language remake will have more plotlines on top of the original storyline and characters. The movie will encompass a well-known computer virus case from last year. A large IT company will be one of the bad guys in the adaptation, instead of the Vice President and the FBI in the American version.

Chen Weiming says they will find some famous podcasters to star in the movie, though they have not yet drafted any plans to hold any kind of casting activity.

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