New Animated Feature “The Warrior” is a Mongolian Fairytale

China’s newest animated feature, “The Warrior”, focusses on the wide grasslands, race horses and young men of Inner Mongolia.

The Shanghai Animation Film Studio produced “The Warrior”, its sixth animated feature, to mark its 50th anniversary.

The film is based on a Chinese folk legend set in the Keerqin Grassland in Inner Mongolia.

Last year, French director Luc Besson praised the film’s unique depiction of Chinese national characters after he watched a preview of the film.

The Shanghai Animation Film Studio has revealed that Besson has shown a lot of interest in the film and may even buy the copyright to show the movie in French-speaking countries.

The movie took four years to produce and cost 15 million yuan. This is a large sum for a Chinese animation, even though it is a modest budget for a blockbuster.

All the work on the shooting of the film has finished. The work on the soundtrack will start next week.

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