Natalie Tong and Amigo Chui: Partners in Love and Work

TVB’s special Oral Healthcare show held its blessing ceremony and filming yesterday and was hosted by real life couple Amigo Chui and Natalie Tong. Other stars taking part included Ander Jen, Erica Yuen and Suki Chui.

During the ceremony, the other artistes kept joking that Natalie and Amigo should hurry up and get married and suggested that the producer Cheung Ka Ling should be their witness. The couple became rather embarrassed and even kept their distance when it came to taking photographs. Natalie later commented that this was their first collaboration and asked whether it was their first appearance together after they had revealed their romance, she asked the reporters in return: "Did we ever reveal it? It is our first appearance together ever. (When will you be getting married?) We have not thought about this yet. We are still very young and I would like to marry later. I will think about this when I am 30."

Natalie says that there are advantages of working with your boyfriend, because you can look out for each other and fill each others shortcomings. This puts her at ease so she is not so nervous.

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