Nancy Wu Says That Children Nowadays Mature Very Quickly

Nancy Wu joined Ander Jen, Lee Chi Yan and Kanin Ngo as judges at a family talent show and Nancy was very captivated by the children and when asked if she likes kids, she says openly: "Yes, but children mature very quickly in this day and age and from a young age, they are full of swear words and flirting with the girls. I hope that children in the future will not be like this."

Asked if she has plans to have children of her own, she says: "The fortune teller says I will have a maximum of four children in this life and I don’t believe that there will be a generation gap if there are too many years between you and the children, so I hope to get married at 30 and have children at 35 at the latest." Talking of her return to singledom after her split with Deep Ng, she says that she understands that these things are down to fate and she has no new pursuits as yet, so she is putting her work first.

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