Nancy Wu has Already Selected her Wedding Dress

Nancy Wu took part in a wedding gown show for Mona Lisa studios yesterday, wearing a rather large dress, she tripped over but was able to find her balance and continue along the catwalk. She said with a little embarrassment afterwards: “I have done a lot of wedding shows before, but I don’t know why I did the same thing last time as well. This time I caught the skirt in front, but luckily I knew how to hide this.” She indicates that when she gets married in the future she will have a big banquet: “I come from a big family and my great grandfather is in his 90’s, so I hope that we can have five generations together.” She also reveals that she has already selected the design for her own wedding dress: “I really love doing wedding shows because only after trying them on do you know what design suits you the best. I like the tight bodice designs, because it makes you look even slimmer.”

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