Nancy Wu attends a Promotional Event for TVB Pay Vision,

Nancy Wu, Fala Chen, Matthew Ko, Erica Yuen and Yoyo Chan took part in a promotional event for TVB Pay Vision yesterday encouraging the public to send in pictures and clips of good food from their mobile phones. Nancy indicated that she does use her phone to take photographs but rarely to shoot movies. She says: “The memory is not very large, so I would rather use a digicam to film videos.”

With the earlier news of her split with singer Deep Ng, Nancy met with the press for the first time since the news broke yesterday, so she was asked if they had broken up peacefully. She admitted this openly, saying that they had been dating for two years. ASked why they did not get on, she says: “I don’t want to say what the real reason was, I am only confirming the news because we are both artistes. A relationship is a personal thing and I don’t want to say too much. To confirm it is enough.” Will they be embarrassed if they have to work together again? She says: “No, if we have to work together, then we will put our work first.”

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