Nancy Sit Alludes that Yumiko Cheng’s Exposure was Intentional

Several days ago, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi caused a stir in the entertainment industry when she revealed her thong due to an acrobatic accident at TVB’s annual charity show. The media has been buzzing over the incident in the last few days.

At an EEG press conference the day before, Yumiko said that her emotions have calmed down and fortunately she did not endure any psychological burdens from the incident.

At the same time, Nancy Sit Ka Yin alluded that Yumiko’s exposure incident may be intentional after all. Nancy had said, "During our practice sessions for the acrobatic segment, the incident had already happened before. Yumiko’s pants had previously slipped during practice as well."

Yumiko’s manager responded, "Some people may suspect that Yumiko’s exposure incident was intentional. Although we had many practice sessions for a long time, Yumiko’s pants falling off on the night of the performance was a pure accident."

According to an informed inside source [knowledgeable about Yumiko’s incident], Mr. Ng, said, "There’s no chance that Yumiko did not take the necessary safety precautions. Even if Yumiko forgot, such a detailed manager as Ms. Zheng would not have overlooked the matter. Unless Yumiko’s underwear exposure was intentional…."

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