Nan Quan Mama Bombarded with Rumors Again

Nan Quan Mama’s new album has received very good reviews, so their feeling pretty good about themselves. The only girl in the group, Lara – her love relationship has always been under the media’s scrutiny. After she ended her relationship with bandmate Yuhao, then there are rumors that she’s with another bandmate Chang Jie outside a hotel, kissing!

After Nan Quan Mama debuted, they’ve always been under Jay Chou’s shadows. This time they made the cd themselves, they even defeated Jolin Tsai’s “Dancing Diva”, and sits on the top CD sales number one spot.

After they became famous, rumors also followed. The only female in the band, even though she’s pretty young, after she ended the relationship with Yuhao, she’s been put together with another bandmate Chang Jie outside a hotel sharing a kiss.

According to the media reports, someone in the Dong Qu hotel Luxy, saw Chang Jie and Lara having a conversation, and after, they were hugging and kissing, oblivious to the audience they had.

As an idol and supposedly seen making out near a hotel, “Nan Quan Mama”‘s record company quickly tried to get the facts straight, saying that Chang Jie and Lara and friends did go to the night store to play, but Lara wouldn’t do something like that. She definitely didn’t do something like that, and the kissing rumors were too exaggerated because it’s something that wouldn’t happen.

Lara is 18 years old this year, and her voice is super popular. Jay Chou also super admires her voice, singing in a duet together. But Lara, looking so innocent and pure, has been with bandmates Yuhao and Chang Jie back to back, seems like Nan Quan Mama has stripped themselves away from Jay’s shadow, they will be just like Jay, having rumors around them all the time.

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