Myolie’s not overdoing expressions, Charmaine has a wide variety, producers’ professional opinions

Comparing and competing are always some words to describe women, when it comes to this time of the year, rumours and reports are flying everywhere, and the TVB 39th anniversary becomes a hot topic to everyone, however, it’s all on the way to the big day. These years favourites are Myolie and Charmaine, and "confidential" award lists are said to be revealed. Especially to Myolie and Charmaine fans, who are starting Internet debates?(calling out?????????) and defending their idols. Compared to the "best lead actor" competition, this is much more revolutionary.

Throne of the "Best Lead Actress"
People within the entertainment circle’s opinions are valued, this year, a few producers have been interviewed, including Li TianShing (??? – who has worked with Charmaine quite a few times), Chong WiKin (??? – who has worked with Myolie and Charmaine, also the producer of Maiden’s Vow), Kwan WingChong (??? – who has worked with Myolie quite a few times, also the producer of To Grow with love), and lastly, Tong KeiMing (??? – producer of Glittering Days).

Charmaine entered the showbiz in 1997, her first shows with producer Li TianShing (???) were The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain (????), Crimson Sabre (???) and Point of No Return (????), so his opinions should really be heard.

Li TianShing: Charmaine acts out characters full of life, Myolie talented at grasping the character’s emotions

He says, "In Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain, Charmaine was really timid, but some of her strengths were purity and potential. Later on in Crimson Sabre, and Point of No Return she was more experienced and she really grasped the character’s life. Her facial expressions were near perfect, and her image had a really ancient tast, so people say her ancient times look is her prettiest side. However, much more work has to be done when she’s playing a modern role."

"I saw her performance in Maiden’s Vow, and all four characters were acted out with life, and since all four characters were so different physically and emotionally, a lack of change would probably bore the audience. I think the first story, where she marred Sammul is my all-time favourite. For Myolie, since I haven’t worked with her before, I don’t have anything to say, but seeing her in To Grow with Love really brightened me up, she was so full of life, and she was so talented at grasping the character’s emotions, I can see she has been working really hard. As to who is the "Best Lead Actress," it all counts on the timing, but at a producer’s point of view, "the best" is the one who felt the character’s life, grasped the character’s feelings, and acted it all out combining many other elements. Just like Lai YiuCheng (???) who competing for "The best minor role actor" with Safe Guards (????), I think he’ll win.

Chong WiKin (???): Charmaine easily espresses the character’s emotions

Being the producer of Maiden’s Vow, he and Tong KeiMing (???), producer of Glittering Days both give Charmaine an A

Chong WiKin, who has previously worked with Charmaine in The Heavenly Sword and Dragonly Sabre (?????), compliments her improvement in acting. Back when we were filimg THSADS, her character experienced a big change in personality, and she coped with it very well, as to her performance in Maiden’s Vow, I’d say it’s her upgraded performance.
"Maiden’s Vow was a combination of 4 bittersweet love stories, showing your love for a person can be accomplished in many different ways, Charmaine expresses this very well, especially scenes when you have to express it from the bottom of your heart, all four characters were acted out really well. If you say she gets an award with this series, I’d say it’s deservant, and overall, I’d give her an A-, just to give her some room for future improvement." For Myolie’s To Grow with Love, Chong WiKin says Myolie was really cute and her acting skills were excellent as well, but because the two series are of different plotlines, it’s hard to compare.

Tong KiMing Gives Charmaine an A+

Tong KiMing, having worked with Charmaine in Glittering Days (????), states her performance was outstanding and that her strongest strength is prehaps she can act out a wide variety of characters. Earlier, he worked with her in Strike at Heart (????), and this series was obviously a very different plotline than Glittering Days. THe first one being sorrowful, making the audience feel compassionate, and the second, she features a stuttering village girl, who is relaxing and funny, who is also believed to be an all time favourite. He also compliments her big improvement, and her performance has exceeded at A+ level.

Kwan WingChong: Myolie’s conduct – 101%

Even though Charmaine seems to be rising above Myolie quite a bit, producer of To Grow with Love (????), Kwan WingChong stand up for Myolie, he claims that to him, she has already taken the "Best Lead Actress" throne, not even 10 excellents could describe her outstanding performance!! He describes his past experience working with her last year for War of the In-Laws (??????) and Scavenger’s Paradise (????), and his grade for her this year in To Grow with Love, would exceed 10 excellents, an orignally 108 pounds girl, gaining over 40 pounds for a series (153 pounds), the pressure intake emotionally and mentally is massive, and with her excellent preformance, her actress conduct should be an example to all.

He also says: "I really to to come out and say something fair for Myolie, the fact that before To Grow with Love even aired yet, Myolie was already qualified to run for the "Best Lead Actress" Award, has led to much outer-commotion. However, these are competition policies, any series that is aired before November 11, is considered a 2006 series, and therefore qualified to compete in the 2006 anniversary. But the "Best Lead Actress" might not be her, I just hope the audience will watch To Grow with Love with a relaxing mood and appreciate her effort.

100% for Myolie

"Even if Myolie fails to receive an award this time round, it’s just caused by wrong timing. About the remarks criticizing her overdone reactions and her over-reacting performance, I would have to say I disagree, after all this is a comedy show, compared with the roles in Maiden’s Vow, I don’t know how to put them in comparison. However, I feel that the plot of Maiden’s Vow really helped Charmaine, of course she did show great effort, but, honestly, my point of view is certainly for Myolie!

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