Myolie Wu’s Grand Entrance On Stage

Myolie Wu Hang Yee gained 40 pounds to film "Lush Fields Happy Times," morphing from "Hang Yee" to "Fat Hang." As Myolie’s weight shot up, her coverage by the press increased. Perhaps she is the recent champion in terms of exposure in the entertainment industry. Many people also believe that Myolie has a good chance to win the Best Actress award at this year’s TVB anniversary.

Gaining Weight for Her Representative Work

In 1999, Myolie was the 2nd runner up in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant. In 2002, she won the Most Improved Actress award due to her appearance in "Golden Faith." Five years later, she stood out with "War of In-Laws." This year, "Lush Fields Happy Times" has not been released yet, but it is already a big hit.

"I do feel that I have been very lucky, since I have been offered many good series/ characters to play, such as ‘Lush Fields Happy Times’ and ‘War of In-Laws.’ ‘Lush Fields Happy Times’ was a challenging project for me; it can be said to be my representative work to date."

"I was afraid that I would be unable to gain 40 pounds in one and a half month. I started gaining weight in April and the press conference was held on June 2nd. I increased my weight from 108 lbs to 143 lbs, gaining 35 lbs. It was necessary to continually increase my weight; I was the heaviest at 152 lbs. I have never been so fat in my life before!"

"Although some reports have speculated that I might win the Best Actress award, I am not thinking about this matter. This series allowed me to reach a certain target in my career, but I did not film this with hopes of winning the Best Actress award. When the public received my chubby image so enthusiastically, I was already very happy. If I receive the award, that is just an extra bonus!"

"Some reports said that my personality became irritable after my weight increase. ‘Lush Fields Happy Times’ was a very tough filming project; I had a lot of screen time. In one week, I only slept 2-3 hours and there was no time to even eat meals. Without sleep, it is understandable that a person will become irritable."

"I am an emotional person; I can be very happy one moment, but when I think of sad thoughts, I will become quiet. I am not venting against anyone, but just wish to keep silent. Maybe that may have lead people to think I was upset at them. I have long looked past tabloid reports. Even if I did not act improperly, the press will still publish it [the way they want to]. For example, I did not inadequately expose myself [in my bikini during the filming of ‘Lush Fields Happy Times’] but the press reported that I did."

Looked Down by Others at the Start of Her Career

In the industry for only 6 years, Myolie has already attained TVB’s top actress spot. 1999’s Miss Hong Kong crown winner, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei is still trying to repair her career due to her negative relationship press. First runner-up, Marsha Yuen Chi Wai rarely receives press coverage nowadays.

Although Myolie’s career was not a "rocket launch," but it has definitely been on the "express train." Actually when Myolie first started acting, she suffered hang-ups in her career until "Golden Faith."

"’Golden Faith’ was my turning point, making me realize that my hard efforts were not wasted! I am considered lucky, but I did have certain hang-ups. The first 2-3 years, I played only supporting roles, awaiting better opportunities. At one point, one director said to me, ‘If you don’t start out as a leading actress, then you have no future opportunity!’ After hearing his words, I was unhappy and struggled as to whether the entertainment industry was suitable for me. But I do thank him, as his words motivated me."

"Although my results are not bad, but in the past few years I dedicated 99% of my time to work. I hope to achieve more of a balance now. Over-working can impede [acting] progress, so I hope to enjoy [a little more in life], spend time with my family, go on vacation, relax, and meet more new friends."

Selecting a Boyfriend

Since gaining weight, Myolie’s cute chubby image has been very well-received, breaking the stereotype that "fat" means "ugly." Myolie demonstrated that fat can be cute as well.

"Many people complimented that I look cute after gaining weight. Now I don’t have to worry about looking ugly after getting pregnant. I feel that being overly thin is not good. Even if my boyfriend were to be a little overweight, that’s fine. But the most important characteristic is that he has a sense of humor and can always tell jokes! I am not a very talkative person and can be quite emotional, so I hope he will be able to balance things out."

Myolie’s criteria in selecting a boyfriend seems to match rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong Chung Chat. They had rumors for the last year, with recent tabloid reports claiming that Myolie and Bosco are now living together.

At the mention of Bosco’s name, Myolie immediately said, "I will not respond to rumors regarding aforementioned person. If I meet the right person now, I will consider it, but I will not publicly reveal the relationship. When I first entered the entertainment industry, I was young and naive, so I revealed my relationship in the past. Even if my [future] boyfriend is not in the entertainment industry, I will not speak about it because I do not want the focus to remain on my personal love matters."


On the day of the interview, Myolie looked significantly slimmer. She has already finished filming "Lush Fields Happy Times" and has started dieting. No wonder when the waiter asked her whether she would like to order, she politely refused. Her target is to lose the excess weight within a month. But the normally slim Myolie is confident about her weight loss and revealed that she has a full-length mirror at home, so she can keep track of her dieting progress.

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