Myolie Wu: “Take it Easy!” – Bearing the Burden of Family

Everyone has ups and downs and highs and lows in life as things are never plain sailing with everything going perfectly. Especially for artistes, you may be highly popular one year, but the following year may result in no-one promoting you. Myolie Wu became the talk of the town last year after her performance in "To Grow with Love" and yet did not win any awards at the TVB Anniversary; her rumours with Bosco Wong have had their twists and turns as he has gained a string of associations with other women, but Myolie has continued to support him, openly admitting their close friendship and their dinner meetings, possibly suggesting that this relationship is starting to become more open. On the other hand, with the separation of her parents, it has been revealed that behind the fame, Myolie has had to bear the burden of her families, supporting the livelihood of both her father and her mother. Will Myolie see this through with her determination as well as find her own success in the world of television?

As one of TVB’s leading stars, Myolie has her share of fame and fortune, but at home, she has to support two families. Myolie rarely talks about her family situation and all along, she has only mentioned her father and stepmother and has rarely spoken about her birth mother. After her parents’ separation, Myolie has always stayed with her father and when she was twelve years old, she was sent to study in Northern Ireland.

"Every family has its story and I don’t want to say too much. My parents treat me well and I work in the public eye, but I don’t want to have my personal life revealed. I hope for them to have a peaceful life. The only thing I can do is to look after them. The press make it too tragic, but things are not as bad as they make out. For me to support my parents is a very normal tihng and if I earn enough money, then buying a big house for them to live in is something I should do. When I was studying in Ireland, I wanted to take my father around the local sights and when my sister got married, she had her honeymoon in Ireland." Myolie’s care towards her family is extremely touching.

Although she avoids talking about her family, Myolie has no reservations about talking of her rumours and when her rumoured boyfriend Bosco is mentioned, she relaxes a lot and says: "I am friends with him, we go out to eat together and the paparazzi like to follow us around. However, there is one good thing, that is some functions have invited us to appear together and we don’t mind this. At the most, we are on-screen lovers, in the same way that Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok used to be. Relationships are dictated by fate, but a lot of the gossip are copied from each other. Every man I have worked with has led to rumours, even with Tse Kwan Ho, now that was ridiculous! The readers nowadays know what is true and false and they forget it after they have read it, so fortunately it will not affect my image too much." Myolie says frankly that she would like to find a man to look after her, but she is busy with her work at the moment and cannot spare the attention. "I really love my work, so whilst I am young, I will work hard because I am afraid of missing the opportunity. Finding a boyfriend from outside the industry is difficult because I do not know whether he is with me only because I am Myolie Wu or because he truly likes me, maybe he just wants to show off in front of his friends. As for men from within the industry, then often they are so badly rumoured that it has fallen apart even before it has started; sometimes they write about you and me, then they write about him and me, it makes me seem very unfaithful and that is not good."

Facing Awards Success and Failure Lightly

After winning the second runner-up award at the 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Myolie indicated at the time that her ambition was to become a successful artiste. After seven years of hard work, she has finally become a TVB leading star, so she has reached this goal. Last year, Myolie gained a lot of weight for her role in "To Grow with Love", but at the TVB Anniversary awards, this hot favourite in two categories came away with nothing, leading to rumours that she lost control of her emotions after the ceremony. Myolie says: "In the past, my personality was very nervous and I would worry about whether I would be the lead role again after this one. This made my emotions rather unstable, but now my work has settled down and I have plenty of opportunities, coupled with the experience I have gained over the years, I have learned how to deal with it and my feelings have become happier and more relaxed."

As for whether she is confident of an award this year and whether she would like to win, Myolie says: "On a show earlier, I met Feng Shui Master Yeung Tin Ming and he said that last year my sign was clashing and I was lacking in confidence, so I did not win an award. He says this year should be okay and the most important thing is to have confidence in whatever I do. I jokingly asked if I would still win the award if I have no series airing this year and he said that as long as you are confident, then that is fine. I feel that what he says is right, no matter if you win an award or not, you always have to have confidence and the most important thing is to have no regrets and to do your best. Winning awards is down to the right time, the right people and the right place and you have to tie in with the tastes of the audiences. The time of the show airing is also another factor."

Let’s see whether this year is Myolie’s time to take an award!


During the interview, there was a continuous stream of people who recognised Myolie, even the Filipino mais who saw her asked for photos and autographs, calling out: "It’s ‘Fei Tin’! She has lost weight and she is so pretty in real life!" Myolie took great care in fulfilling the public’s requests and seeing her surrounded by people and so popular, you can’t but admit that she may have lost out on the awards, but "To Grow With Love" has brought Myolie the love of the people and this far outweighs any awards!

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