Myolie Wu Refuses to be a Pig Bride

Myolie Wu was a a guest at a shopping mall event yesterday in Sheung Shui and she had her fortune told by geomancy expert Yeung Tin Ming, who said she was sure to win the Best Actress award at this year’s anniersary awards and that she only lost out last year because she did not have enough confidence. Master Yeung also says that she will have a new rumoured boyfriend this year and he will have tanned skin, be tall and have short hair. Men born in the year of the rat, pig or ox are most suited to her.

Afterwards, Myolie was asked whether she would like to win the award as Master Yeung had predicted and she smiles: "I really wasn’t confident before and I will not be like that again this year. Even if I have no series aired, I will still be confident of winning!" She is also waiting for a new romance to come along: "They are always linking me with him (Bosco Wong), what if no-one else wants me? I do quite like the type of man that Master Yeung has described and it is best if he is older than me and can look after me."

Wearing a gold pig pendant and carrying a golden pig ornament, Myolie appeared as ‘Golden Miss Piggy’ for the event. With the year of the pig being a good year for getting married in, Myolie was asked if she would be preparing for marriage this year. She says: "I will look out this kind of guy when I meet new friends, but I do not want to have a lightning wedding and be a Golden Pig bride."

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