Myolie Wu & Jack at a fashion boutique opening

Myolie Wu was filming FTHS earlier for TVB; she went from 110lbs to a chubby 150lbs. In the same series, Jack Wu also had to gain weight. He even gained up to 170lbs. Because at the end of the series both of them must appear slim, therefore they have been working hard to lose weight. In one month, Myolie has already lost 20lbs. She revealed that in a short 15 minutes she spent a five figure sum to buy new clothes to reward herself. Jack, laughed that he wants to eat a variety steak meal.

Myolie and Jack were requested to attend a fashion boutique opening yesterday. During March or this year, the two had to gain weight for FTHS. They bodies immediately became very plump. Earlier, the two need to slim rapidly for the series, and they have successful lost 20 plus pounds in one month. Myolie looked obviously much skinner.

Because she had to gain weight for her series, Myolie revealed that over the past few months she has not added any new waredrobe to her collection. But now that she has successfully lost weight, she went shopping to reward herself. In 15 minutes she spent a five figure sum. She says,

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