Myolie Wu hands out mooncakes to the elderly

Myolie Wu was invited to be a guest of the Oriental Daily Charitable Fund yesterday to take part in a Mid Autumn Festival event, handing out mooncakes at an old folks home. The home presented Myolie with a souvenir of her visit and their best wishes for winning an award at this year’s TVB anniversary, making her very happy indeed.

The very charitable Myolie handed out mooncakes to the elderly people there and joined them to play games and sing karaoke to celebrate the festival. Two of the residents have a standup comedy performance on the stage and Myolie was very amused as she applauded them, saying: "They are very funny, speaking in Mandarin and English as well, they are so lively!" Myolie also joined in an exercise routine with them and smiled: "I have already lost over 20 lbs now, but I am still working hard, so even though I love to eat the white pastry mooncakes, I have to hold back." Later, Myolie pledged to take part in more goodwill community events: "I feel that these events are very meaningful and I am also very happy."

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