Myolie Wu, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, etc at “Love on the Move” Event; Myolie to Shoot Racy Ad in Bikini

Myolie Wu, Stephanie Cheng, Don Li, Mandy Chiang and Bianca Wu joined 100 senior citizens on the annual RTHK "Love on the Move" event, where they took a special MTR train from Tsing Yi to the Ngong Ping Cable Car station and then took a tour of Lantau Island on the cable cars. The artistes were very excited about the ride on the new tourist attraction and ‘Safety Captain’ Myolie warmly helped the elderly people on their way. The only downer for the day was the weather as the mist clouded the view of the scenery. Myolie smiles: "It was like going to the heavens, but the cable car was very steady and next time I will take my parents."

Having successfully lost her weight now, Myolie will be shooting an ad for her slimming company soon and she will be wearing a bikini. If the photography is creative enough, she does not mind being photographed with her hands over her breasts as she says proudly: "It is very strange, after my bust grew, it did not go back down after I lost weight again. I have definitely gained from this experience and it was all thanks to my slimming company."

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