Myolie Wu: Audience Recognition is Better than Any Award

TVB’s Anniversary Awards have been and gone, and favourite Myolie Wu was interviewed before the show. Despite the hype around her chances to win the Best Actress award, she was not arrogant, but was not lacking in confidence either, as some other reports have suggested. She has carried on being busy with her promotional activities and faced the awards with a calm heart, so that even after not winning, she is not bothered by this. She has already had an award and that is successfully challenging herself for her role in "To Grow with Love".

Myolie Wu indicates that she has not thought about having to win an award and despite the plentiful reports earlier leading up to the awards, she has not looked at any of them, so she has not known about the rumours of her ‘fight’ with Charmaine Sheh and has never inteded to take part in this battle.

Slim to Fat – Not Missing Opportunity

Taking the results lightly is because she has already fought the battle to film "To Grow with Love", where she feels she has already won over herself.

"I feel that ‘To Grow with Love’ has been a huge challenge and at first, when I agreed to do this role, I did not think that I could complete it. Now I have reached the requirements, I treat this as a victory for myself to do what I never imagined I could, so this is like an award already."

The huge challenge she speaks of is to turn from slim to fat and than back to slim again in a very short time. She now only needs to lose another three or four pounds and she will have returned to her previous weight and succeeded in her task. The past few months have passed quickly, but for Myolie, there have been hardships that only she knows about, so why did she take on this challenge in the first place? Myolie says: "I knew that if this opportunity passed by, then it would be lost. At the time I thought that I will take this gamble and do my best to do well."

Filming Comedies Trains Acting Skills

Since entering the industry, Myolie has loved to challenge herself, such as her role in the currently re-airing "Golden Faith" where she played a mentally handicapped girl and in "Scavenger’s Paradise", where she had to emulate the renowned actress Tang Bik Wan. She says: "At first, I was happy to be able to play pretty girl roles, but if I had the choice, then I would love to take on some more challenging roles. Take ‘Scavengers Paradise’ for example, I knew that people would compare this to ‘Old Time Buddies’, but my attitude during filming was to believe and not ask and trust myself to be able to do it. After filming several comedies, I would like to do some dramatic series again and try a new role, but the comedies have provided good training for my acting skills because to make people cry is easy, but making people laugh is more difficult. I am happy to have had so many opportunities."

Self Dependency Means Becoming a Coolie

Although she has passed this challenge, Myolie says that she has not lost her pessimistic views: "I have an acute sense of danger and I will just think of the worst things and hope they will not happen to me, but there are pros and cons of this outlook, because I will forever be prepared for something to happen, so if it does, I will not be as hurt or upset. I feel that this personality is from the environment during my upbringing. Apart from going abroad to study, I have always taken hold of myown affairs and I remember when I returned to Hong Kong after graduating from Britain and to avoid having to pay a

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