Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam Hugged In Public

Days before reader Mary and her friends were having fun together, around 3am in the morning, they were in Causeway Bay. Suddenly near "Sugar" Street they saw a street of lights, and went up to see what happened. They realized that someone was filming and saw Myolie and Raymond arriving in the TVB van and walked up to the bridge. However, both of them looked cool.

Besides looking, Mary also took some pictures. As you can see, Myolie and Raymond are filming a love scene. During the filming, you can see Raymond hugging Myolie tightly, and Myolie wiped her face with tissues. Mary also notice that when they were not filming, Myolie and Raymond both talked with the director about the upcoming scenes and prepare their emtions. They were so professional that nobody wanted to disturb them.

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