Myolie, Sharon and Stephy Promoting “Lady in Red” Outdoor

Myolie Wu joined Sharon Chan and Stephy Tang yesterday at a promotional event for the ‘Lady in Red’ album and in the intense heat of the outdoor event, the three girls were sweating endlessly. However, for Myolie, who is promoting her album for the first time, she did not find it hard work: “It is like this when we are filming on location and even when I was skinny, I would sweat a lot.”

After filming “Lush Fields Happy Times”, Myolie will have to slim down in the space of a month or so to prepare for her next series. She laughs that there is no difficulty in slimming: “I would like to be fitter than I was before, but if I can keep a little of my current cup size, then I wouldn’t mind!” As for the frenzy she has created in the slimming companies fighting over her to promote them, she says she is still having discussions and her only provision is that she is not prepared to take slimming pills. “I am afraid of death, so I don’t want to risk my life for it.”

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