Myolie Prepares Calmly for TVB Awards Ceremony

Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Kenneth Ma, Jack Wu and Matthew Ko were among the cast members at a "Fatties’ Happy Party" event to promote their series "To Grow with Love", where they played games with the audience. Myolie wore a loose sleeved dress, so she took care to hold her chest every time she bent over to avoid revealing herself. Andy did a demonstration on the fit ball, but when the female audience member followed his move, she ended up revealing part of her chest. Afterwards, Myolie smiles: "Andy is so bad, but she had plenty of assets to show us."

Tonight is the TVB anniversary awards event and as a hot favourite for the Best Actress award, Myolie was asked if she was nervous. She smiled: "I am feeling very calm and relaxed, because the more difficult task of selecting my outfit, shoes and accessories has been done and I just need to look beautiful." She reveals that she has two outfits, but she will just be showing off her back and not her bust. As for the awards, she says she daren’t think about it because she says if you think you won’t win, then you will have a pleasant surprise if you do and be even happier. Whether or not she wins an award, she still thanks the media because she has had a lot of exposure during filming of the series and it seems like the whole of Hong Kong was looking out for Fat Tin and this experience will live with her forever.

With the series maintaining average ratings of 32 points, Andy feels that this is already very good and he hopes that the finale will break 34 points. Andy has been approached by CCTV to film in their New Year series, but he says he has not read the script yet, so he does not know if he will accept the part. However, he does feel that this is a snowball effect and he hopes that his popularity will get bigger and bigger. The second edition of his album will be reelased today, with the theme song to "To Grow with Love" included as a bonus track. He says happily: "With an unexpected extra album, my luck has returned. (Is Myolie your lucky star?) It is not just her, I have got on very well with Wong Ching [he plays Andy’s father in the show] because we both like to smoke cigars and we share the same ‘smelly’ tastes, so I would like him to be my godfather." When Brother Ching was asked when he will be adopting Andy as his godson, he smiles: "I will accept him any time. I do admire him and he is very kind and nice." Brother Ching has two daughters, the eldest is 26 and is working in Australia, so asked if he will be introducing her to Andy, Andy immediately indicated that he has seen her before and praised her for being very pretty. Asked if he would rather have Andy as a godson or a son-in-law, Brother Ching smiles: "Godson first, that is a closer relationship." Andy laughs that Brother Ching’s daughter would complain about his big nose.

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