Myolie Losing 30 pounds in 1 Month

After gaining 40 lbs for her role in a series, Myolie Wu has gained herself a sponsor for her to lose the weight and regain the svelte Myolie of the past. The company arranged a grand press event yesterday, preparing many gifts for the audience. Unfortunately the weather did not play along and it suddenly started raining and causing a lot of confusion that needed police intervention.

At first, the organisers had arranged for Myolie to be pulled around in a rickshaw, handing out gifts and vouchers to the public, but after the rain started everyone ran for shelter into the lobby area, this was cancelled. Some people complained that this was not very well organised because they were not able to claim their gifts even if they had been waiting in the queue. Then when the saw that there were masks being given out, they all pushed forward to grab and fight for the gifts, causing even more chaos. For Myolie, she was asked if she would like to be pulled on the rickshaw by a topless foreign model, but she declined the offer, just agreeing to be photographed with him instead.

With previous slogans associated with Myolie, such as “Losing 30 lbs in a month”, “Open to the highest bidder” and “Inhumane dieting regime”, she explained each one in turn, indicating that she will be losing weight through the safest methods. When MC Carlo Ng asked her if her boyfriend would agree, she immediately retorted “Who? You? Next question please.” Asked why she would not answer his question, Myolie says she has a lot of boyfriends so she was just asking which one. She emphasises again that she will not respond to this type of question. As for men liking chubbier women more, Myolie agrees, but she feels that the most important thing is balance. She hopes that as well as losing 40 lbs, she can keep her breasts. She also hopes to avoid taking an slimming pills because this means her weight will not come back. As for her fee, she just smiles that it is very good. She says that this was not a commercial decision as she just wanted a regime that was right for her, because she does love to eat and she will not starve herself to get thin. Asked if she would do this again, she laughs that she is nearly 30 now, so she is not confident to try it again.

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