Myolie Keeps Watches Refusing to Give to Bosco

Myolie Wu, Christine Ng, Michael Tse, Sherming Yiu and Joel Chan were the latest guests on Nat Chan’s Olympic Quiz show earlier and Myolie was full of confidence because she had taken part in the coverage of the last Olympic Games. She did not disappoint and was selected twice to shoot the net, which she succeeded in, winning each of the guests an additional $10,000 prize money. Afterwards, they all thanked her gratefully.

Although she was very self assured, she was warned about the jokes from Nat, especially when it came to talking about her rumours with Bosco. However, she said knowingly: “I am expecting it. I just turn it back on him and talk about his wife.” When Bosco appeared on the show last time, he was presented with a pair of his and hers watches and Nat had suggested he gave one to Myolie. Asked about this, she says she did not receive anything from him and says that if she wins some watches from the show, she plans to give them to her parents. When it came to the real filming, Nat did give her a men’s watch and then he instructed his assistant to give her two more ladies’ watches, saying: “I will give you three because I don’t know if Bosco will choose you or Fala, so you can split them between yourselves.” Asked later what she will do with the three watches, she says: “Originally I had planned to give them to my parents and I will give the other one to my sister. (So you are not giving it to Fala?) She has her own.”

When Christine came to writing her answers on the cards, it was found that there are a lot of words that she wrote incorrectly. For example, ‘nei-lung’ (nylon) was written as ‘mei-lung’ and she did not know the proper word for ‘fibres’ having to ask Joel for help. It looks like she will have to catch up on her Chinese. She reveals that after finishing filming for “Love Comes from Chance”, she has been sleeping for two weeks to catch up on her sleep. She is very happy because she has not had to put on her make-up and in July, she will be going on vacation to Europe with her husband for three months. They had already booked a table in a Spanish restaurant a year ago and although it costs $4-5000 a head there, it is a once in a lifetime experience and it will be worth it.

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