Myolie Denies Manic Eating – Rumours are Ridiculous

Recently there have been rumours that Myolie Wu has developed ‘manic eating syndrome’, saying that she has been eating uncontrollably whilst filming in Beijing. Interviewed yesterday by Cha Siu Yan, she says that she has just returned from filming in Beijing and clarifies that she did not eat fatty pork and the dish she was eating was steamed pork, which was not ordered by herself.

As for the reports suggesting that she has been eating lots of mutton skewers, Myolie says that she does not eat lamb or mutton and she just had one or two skewers of chicken. She says she knew that the paparazzi were there on that night and she knew that they would write something horrible about her. She says she has not yet seen the reports and she is most worried about the photos making her look ugly. Myolie admits that she does like to eat, but the rumours have probably arisen because she did put on weight before. She insists that her figure has returned to normal now and as the for the reports suggestions that she is making herself vomit afterwards, she responds angrily: "That’s ridiculous. It is totally fabricated and just undermines the hard work I have put into losing weight."

Asked if her rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong has been in touch with her to comfort her, Myolie says that if they are from the industry, then they would not call her because they would know what the situation is and this time it was just her being unlucky. Talking of her series "War and Destiny" maintaining average ratings over thirty points, Myolie says that she had not dared to ask results beforehand. Did Bosco call her to tell her the good news? Myolie says: "No! (He cares a lot for you.) Friends will care for each other. (Has Bosco made you a risotto?) Risottos every time would be boring, ask him to learn another dish first!"

The host also interviewed Myolie’s co-star in "War and Destiny" Sunny Chan and he indicated that his child is due to be born on May 2nd, so he plans to ask a Chinese scholar to select a name for the baby. However, he is referring to the baby as ‘Hung Jai’ at the moment because the doctor has told them there is a high chance of it being a boy. He has also been planning a slimming menu for his wife. He also indicates that his restaurant business venture has ended now because the landlord wanted to increase their rent, so they took the opportunity to sell the business on and liquidate their profits.

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