Myolie & Charmaine Are Friends Despite Competition For Awards

TVB’s anniversary series for 2007 “Changing Times” held its blessing ceremony yesterday and this was attended by cast members including Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Jessica Hsuan. Charmaine’s popularity has taken a jump after the success of “Maiden’s Vow” and Myolie’s highly anticipated series “Lush Fields Happy Times” is due to air shortly, so there are many reports suggesting that they are in direct competition for this year’s anniversary award for “Best Actress”.

In response to the friendly competition, Charmaine says that she is happy about the reports because she is pleased to be named as a strong competitor. She says: “I am not the only strong contender, there are also many other extremely good and talented female leads this year.” Asked if she is confident, she says that she does, but she will leave it to the viewers to select the winner. As for Myolie, she is not surprised by rumours like this before the anniversary, so she will treat it as part of the promotional activity. When it was suggested that Charmaine is a strong competitor against her, Myolie, who is rapidly losing weight, says that they have never worked together, but they have been away on a promotional trip together in the past and there are no hard feelings between them at all. She emphasises: “We are committed to our work and not to winning awards, you can’t say Charmaine is an opponent, she is my colleague.” Myolie also points out that the anniversary will fall half way through her series being aired, so does this affect her confidence? She says: “I am confident, but I don’t have to win an award. (Do you think it is time for you to win an award?) You cannot say that, but I have been in the industry now for seven years, so you could say that this is the ‘seven-year itch’.”

Joe has been reported as clubbing late and spending a night with a woman lately and he says: “I have already responded to this before, so I am not talking about it now. Thank you to the media for building up my hype and increasing my popularity, I am confident of winning the male lead award at this year’s anniversary. (But that was negative press?) It doesn’t matter, I am used to it and I am not worried about it affecting my image.” He also laughs that he has ordered a tuxedo, just like the ones they wear at the Hong Kong Film Awards, but even if he does not win an award, it doesn’t matter because he supports Charmaine and he can share her glory when she wins.”

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