Myolie Bears the Cold in Backless Dress,

Myolie Wu took part in a costume fitting for her role in "The Drive of Life" yesterday, wearing a silver dress that reveals most of her back and legs. She says: "The story tells of me taking part in the Miss Exhibition pageant. I have been to the trade exhibition before but have never watched the pageant." She indicates that she will be filming at the exhibition centre next week and wearing such a skimpy dress, she is worried about catching a chill: "I am afraid of the cold! I have to cry in that scene as well because it tells of my character being attracted to Raymond Lam and he agrees to support her in the contest, but he goes missing afterwards and I am very upset. (Do you have any kiss scenes with Raymond?) I don’t think so because I have a romance in the show with Mainland actor Feng Shao Feng."

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