Myolie and Moses Win Favorite Actress and Actor Awards in Malaysia

The 3rd Annual Astro Wah Lai Toi Television Awards ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last night. Award results were driven by fan voting. Myolie Wu Hang Yee won the Favorite Actress Award with her sassy daughter-in-law role in "War of In-Laws." Moses Chan Ho won the Favorite Actor Award with his performance in "The Gentle Crackdown."

Other TVB artists who attended the ceremony included Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Raymond Cho Wing Lim, Tsang Kong, etc. TVB artists were paired with Malaysian actors while walking down the red carpet. Astro invited Nat Chan Bak Cheung to MC at the event, working with local Malaysian celebrities.

When Myolie received the Favorite Actress Award, she was moved to tears and could not speak. Finally in her acceptance speech, she said simply, "Thank you everyone for your support!"

Nat Chan teased Myolie throughout the evening to remember to thank rumored boyfriend and "War of the In-Laws" co-star, Bosco Wong. It wasn’t until Myolie accepted the Favorite Actress Award that she thanked Bosco openly.

The competition for Favorite Actor was quite fierce, but Moses Chan won the award through his witty performance in "the Gentle Crackdown." In his acceptance speech, Moses said, "I always thought that actors only play a very small role. The success of this series is due to the hard work of everyone, so I sincerely thank them here!"

When Moses and Bernice Liu won the Favorite Partnership Award, they couple appeared onstage together and seemed to be a bit awkward. Since they were a rumored couple, all eyes were on Moses and Bernice last night. Bernice said, "’Love Bond’ was our first collaboration together." Astro also arranged Bernice and Moses to sit next to each other at the event.

Reporters teased Moses [about his rumored relationship with Bernice] afterwards. Moses smiled graciously and said, "I don’t particularly like to bask in rumors, but I don’t mind either. Since there were sparks working with Bernice, I am happy we are here together in Malaysia tonight."

Although Kevin Cheng won TVB’s Best Actor Award in 2006 with "Under the Canopy of Love," he admitted he lacked confidence at this year’s Astro Awards. While walking down the red carpet, Kevin commented, "My performance in ‘Yummy Yummy’ was not that good and there is room for improvement."

It was raining last night and the weather was a bit cold. Despite this, many actresses appeared in revealing outfits. Myolie revealed her back while Bernice showed off her long legs. Since Bernice is recovering from her cold, she wore a coat to keep warm when offstage.

When the artists walked down the red carpet, many fans screamed out their names in excitement. Even after the artists sat down in their seats, the fans’ cries continued. The artists waved in the direction of where the fans’ cries originated, appreciating their support.

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