‘Muoi’ Vietnamese Movie

Previous Vietnamese attempts to send shudders and shivers through local audiences such as ‘Xac Chet Tren Cao Nguyen’ (Corpse on the Plateau) and ‘Ngoi Nha Oan Khoc’ (House of Gross Injustice) have fallen flat as nothing in these movies horrifies – except perhaps their titles.

In a new attempt to elicit shocks and screams, Vietnamese producers have teamed up to create what very well may be the first picture in a “new wave” of Vietnamese horror movie: ‘Muoi’ (The Legend of a Portrait). The horror film, produced by Vietnam’s Phuoc Sang Entertainment Corporation and Billy Pictures from South Korea, is a curious blend of Korean filmmakers and Vietnamese language and actors.

The mysteriously-named horror movie is about the existence of a violent curse and stars Vietnamese actors Anh Thu, Hong Anh, and Binh Minh and Korean actors Joe An and Cha Te Reon.

The film’s Korean director, Kim Tae Kyong, up and many made the 2004 Korean blockbuster, Ghost.

When Vietnamese horror movie ‘Muoi’ debuted in Korea earlier this year, audiences ate it up and many believe such films may be the new face of both Korean and Vietnamese cinema.

However, due to strict censorship, Vietnamese audiences have to wait until this Christmas season to enjoy, or be terrified by, the horror movie.

Other Vietnamese horror movies for the year include big screen adaptations of ‘Ngoi Nha Bi An’ (Mysterious House) and ‘Suoi Oan Hon’ (Stream of Ghosts), which were episodes in the TV horror serial program “Stories at Midnight” produced by Chanh Tin Film.

According to the firm, many of its big projects have been replaced by ‘Ngoi Nha Bi An’ and ‘Suoi Oan Hon’, which are scheduled to play in theaters by the end of the year.

Additionally Galaxy Studio plans to release the horror movie ‘Nu Hon Than Chet’ (Kiss of the Death) for the Tet holiday season.

Director Nguyen Quang Dung wants the film to be a cross between a comedy and a ghost story.

As the story goes, Death is assigned to take the life of a young girl with a kiss, but the two characters fall in love.

After completing ‘Ngoi Nha Bi An’ and ‘Suoi Oan Hon’, Chanh Tin Film plans to make the eight remaining scripts in writer Bui Chi Vinh’s 100-part horror series.

Meanwhile, director Ba Vu has postponed his horror movie ‘Khach San Khong Den’ (Hotel Without Light) to make another horror film with the spine-tingling title ‘Ngu Voi Hon Ma’ (Sleeping with Ghosts).

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