MTV Taiwan Concert Highlights

MTV concert yesterday (Sep 2) lasted for 5 hours,like a sininging marathon for all the singers, it attracted over 400 thousand fans to watch the concert, with Jolin’s excitng dance remix performance, w-inds’ singing performance and lastly, a-mei’s final performance for the concert, the atmosphere was very high with all these climaxes.

From the beginning of the concert, JJ Lin from singapore began his performance of drums he had practised hard for, performing his song [CaoCao] and then followed by Wilber Pan’s [Fan Zhuan Di Qiu].

This concert already attracted lots of media attention before it had even started, not only all of Jay Chou’s rumoured galfriends are going to step onto a same stage but it is also the first time that Twins are performing in public ever since Gillian’s misfortune of being shot by the paparazzi while changing. Jay Chou’s galfriends’ performances were not very smooth, Vivian Hsu was singing off-key during one of ehr songs and immediately lost face.

As for another rumoured gf, Hebe, when S.H.E were singing, they kept singing off the beat, either too fast or too slow, their performance a great letdown. Among Jay’s rumoured gfs, only Jolin performed her normal standard, she was clad in a black tight-fitting outfit[the one when she shot the WeiWuDuZun mv], although only showing her legs but she performed a remixed version of [Dancing Diva], captivating everyone’s attention, making the atmosphere go high and the fans’ cheers to keep on going.

Idol band, W-inds, was also the attention of all, 3 big guys performed the song that made them famous and 2 other new songs, contenting fans who like jap music.

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