MTV Mandarin Concert in Taiwan

More than 400 thousand pop music devotees turned out to watch MTV’s Mandarin Concert on Saturday, September 2nd, in Taiwan.

The 5 hour music marathon showcased more than 50 solo artists and bands, including Jay Chou, F.I.R, S.H.E and the popular Hong Kong duo Twins.

Pop veteran A-mei was crowned "MTV Legend Queen" during the concert, while pop band S.H.E received "The Most Popular Group" award.

In the lead up to A-mei’s climactic final performance, Taiwan pop queen Jolin Tsai revived up the crowd when she took to the stage in a tight-fitting, black outfit to dance an exciting routine to a remix of her hit "Dancing Diva(??)".

The atmosphere was on a high as Singapore singer JJ Lam belted out the penultimate song, followed by A-mei’s show-stopping performance.

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