Moses Uses Codes For Other Artist’s Phone Numbers

Moses Chan, Yoyo Mung, Andrew Lau and jewellery designer Karen Lee were invited to a mobile phone event, where they were each presented with a new phone.

Yoyo says that she has only learned recently how to send emails via her mobile phone as she was taught by a good friend. She feels that always taking her laptop with her wherever she goes is a pain, so to be able to do this on her phone is very convenient. Ekin Cheng likes to keep up with his new technology, will she be introducing this new phone to him? She says that a lot of her friends like their gadgets and are smarter than her, so she does not need to show him. She will be heading out to Europe to do some promotions for TVBI, visiting the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. She will be singing Miriam Yeung’s "Ga Yu Yeung Ngo Suet Ha Hui" (If you let me speak on).

When Moses arrived in Hong Kong, the PDA phone had not yet become popular, but he already used one because he can put all the details of his schedule into the phone. Asked if he was worried about losing it, he says that he will always back up the information onto his computer at home, so even if he loses it, then he is not worried, especially as the security settings in phones nowadays are so complex, then he is not worried about the information being revealed.

Also, Moses indicates that he has codes to indicate other artistes’ names, so he does not use their real names in his phone. Asked what the code for Bernice Liu is, he smiles he will not talk about these things. When the reporters asked him if it was ‘Baby’ or ‘Girlfriend’, he just laughed and did not respond. Has he sent SMS to his girlfriend? He says that he is just a normal person and quite boring really. Later, he will be heading out to Europe to take part in the Miss Chinatown Europe Pageant activity before returning to film for the new 80-episode series and preparing to release his book. It turns out that he has always enjoyed writing, so this book will be sharing his thoughts on food and travel and will give a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Spokesperson for the company Andrew says that choosing the right network is very important and when he was filming earlier in Hunan, the reception there was very good. He smiles that whenever he works away, he will call home and say the same thing four times to each of his four children.

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