Moses Chan, Linda Cheung and Louis Yuen Film at Sheung Wan Dried Seafood shop

Moses Chan, Linda Chung and Louis Yuen were filming at a Sheung Wan Dried Seafood shop and Moses indicated that Louis played his uncle in the show, whereas Linda plays his friend. In this scene, Linda comes to borrow money and Louis is not happy with this, calling her a ‘Northern Wife’ (mainlander). Louis explains that he will split people into ‘Northern Girl’, ‘Northern Woman’ and ‘Northern Wife’ and the latter is the worst of the three.

Asked if there would be a romance between Moses and Linda, he says that they are just friends and from what he knows of the script there is no romance involves. However, Louis laughs that there is nothing in the script, but they are lovers in real life!

Ignoring the mockery from Louis, Moses reveals that filming at the seafood shop, he has also bought some abalone for everyone to eat. He says: “It is not often you see so much good quality abalone, so I will buy some for everyone, but on one occasion, they all left early and did not have the chance to try it.” Asked if this was the first time for Louis working with Moses, he says: “It is the first time, but I have found that Moses is a very good man. He is sensitive and careful and when we work late into the night, then he will make coffee for me that tastes pretty good.”

For Linda who is scolded in this scene, she knows the meaning of ‘Northern Wife’ is of a lowly person or a prostitute. Asked how she felt when she was being yelled at, she says: “If I was really being scolded, it would be terrible. I would be very unhappy, but this is just acting.” Linda laughs that in real life she lends people money and rarely borrows money from others.

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