Moses Chan Hopes to Act with Gallen Lo & Roger Kwok the Most

Ever since joining TVB, Moses Chan Ho had not taken a real vacation. The only break he enjoys is playing the occasional tennis game with good "tennis mate" Roger Kwok Chun On.

The reporter thought for a long time, but could not remember when Roger and Moses had collaborated together?

Moses said, "Roger and I have known each other for a long time, since the time we made movies together. Afterwards, I introduced him to playing tennis and Roger fell in love with the sport immediately! Lately I have been busy filming series so there has been less time to play tennis."

No wonder Moses insists that he has gained weight and in his upcoming 2 month vacation, he will have to slim down.

At the mention of Roger’s name, Moses said he would love to collaborate with Roger in a future project. Since both Roger and Moses are managed by TVB, perhaps the chance will be possible one day.

Another artist which Moses hopes to work with is Gallen Lo Ka Leung. "When I first joined TVB, Gallen was filming ‘Golden Faith.’ At the time, I thought I would be able to work with Gallen, but he soon left TVB afterwards." (Why did Moses want to work with Roger and Gallen?) Moses laughed, "Roger and Gallen are both considered ‘Big Brothers’ and I want to work with talented people!"

TVB’s Anniversary Awards will be held tonight and Moses was nominated for his role in "Dance of Passion." Moses said he is confident about winning the Best Actor Award. "I always faced the awards competition with a normal state of mind. At least I feel I qualify to win the award. There is improvement only with competition. You have to have confidence in life."

Was Moses truly eager to win the award? Moses said very bluntly, "Yes I would like to win the award!" His straight-forwardness is quite adorable. When asked to select who will most likely win the Best Actor Award, Moses simply said, "Everyone has an equal chance; may the best candidate win."

As for the Best Actress Award, Moses was reluctant to reveal his personal choices at first. After much prompting, he selected Sheren Tang and Ada Choi. "Both Sheren and Ada are very strong actresses; their acting is amazing!"

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