Moses Chan Hopes for a Fortuitous Year

Living abroad in Australia for 10 years, Moses Chan Ho’s outer appearance is quite westernized, but in many ways he is very traditional. Each Lunar New Year, he will buy a kumquat tree and New Year banners with blessings on them(揮春). Born in the year of the pig himself, Moses wishes everyone a fortuitous year in 2007.

Moses recently received the Best Actor Award at Malaysia’s Astro Awards. Moses’ popularity has surged. Filming several ads with rumored girlfriend, Bernice Liu Bik Yee, Moses had an opportunity to make good side income as well.

But Moses insisted that he has not earned enough, "Everyone wishes to earn more money! In reality, I did not make as much money last year as speculated by everyone. My luck was only mediocre. However I heard that my luck will increase this year! Hopefully it will increase at a steady pace!"

Sometimes approaching life with an oversteady pace is not a good strategy. Moses laughed that after joining TVB, which offered a steady income, it had sometimes resulted flashes of inertia.

"It is not good to forget one’s inner fire. As an artist, money is not the most important. Rather, the quality [of one’s performance] is critical."

At the age of 10, Moses emigrated to Australia with his family. Despite living in Australia for over a decade, he never forgot his Chinese roots and traditions. Moses will decorate his home with Lunar New Year decorations each year.

"Although my mother lives in Australia, she will come to Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year with my 2 brothers and I. On New Year’s Eve, she would place a little money underneath our pillows and give out red envelopes the next morning. I will also buy new clothes and shoes for the New Year, hoping that such gestures will bring about new beginnings."

Several years ago, Moses also started the habit of handing out lucky packets to his assistant, nephews, and neices. Each year, he hands out a five figure sum in red envelopes!

At 36 years of age, Moses is at a ripe age for marriage. "My mother never talks to me about marriage. As long as my brothers and I lead happy lives, then she is satisfied. She has been very supportive of our actions all along!"

Moses never had a habit of buying peach blossoms, but his romantic luck was quite good last year. Despite constant romantic rumors, Moses does not mind. As long as things run their natural course, that will be fine.

What about purchasing peach blossoms to gain the audience’s favor? "As long as I do my best, then there will be results for others to see!"

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