Moses Braves the Cold to Show his Skills

Having finished filming for his TVB series "Heart of Greed" earlier, Moses Chan immediately headed out to Hengdian to film for the film "Qi Family Army", where he plays a general, so there are numerous action scenes, many which he did himself personally. Don’t mistake his rather studious image as his action scenes are very good.

As the weather there is rather cold at the moment and the action scenes are quite hard work, Moses was asked why he did not use a body double. He says: "I feel that as an artiste, you have to try a lot of different things. This is a rare opportunity to show off what I can do, so why not! Haha!" It turns out that this is Moses’s third visit to the Hengdian studios and as he is very afraid of the cold, he was quite worried about the cold weather there. He has prepared himself well this time though, purposely buying himself a diving suit to wear under his costume and taking four different levels of winter jacket to overcome the minus 10 degrees C temperatures.

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