Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric) ‘Will change the image of the conventional charming guy’

At the press conference for the upcoming MBC drama series ‘Que Sera, Sera’ the main actor Moon Jung Hyuk could not be found. During the first hour of interviews with the staff and other actors, Moon Jung Hyuk appeared.

"The character is a player, doesn’t have a sense of responsibility, and is always late the first time. He seems quite similar to me as well. At first he does not know what true love is but starts to mature once he starts realizing the real meaning of love."

Moon Jung Hyuk, who said he was late as he mistook the press conference time, sat down with an apologetic expression. It was the direct opposite of the ‘cool’ guy he acted in the preview.

In the drama titled ‘Que Sera, Sera’ which comes from Latin meaning ‘One can become anything in the world, and have anything,’ Moon Jung Hyuk plays the role of Kang Tae Joo who is an employee in his third year that takes love lightly when dating rich girls. He hates complicated things but he also does not have the fantasy that a rich girl would marry an ordinary guy like him. If the viewer is someone who has never seen Moon Jung Hyuk on the TV screen in serious contemplation, they can expect the same this time.

"Rather than trying to distinguish myself, I acted as true to the character as possible. It seems there are some overlapping characteristics from previous roles. I like the script and am enjoying it."

There are also quite a few kiss scenes that Kang Tae Joo must show the viewer. There are even 4 in episode 10.

"It has the most kiss scenes of all the drama series I have acted in. Most are unexpected or come out in situations that are shocking. I think it is the way the young generation now loves. Free and open minded."

As the roles of Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Kyu Han, and Yoon Ji Hye are considered to have the same weight in the story, Moon Jung Hyuk is the lead actor. A lot is put on his shoulders to make the cliched story of a normal guy and girl, and a not so normal guy and girl, not be cliched and enjoyable.

"Conventional charming male characters fight the bad and dance at clubs. This time there is nothing predictable where one can say, ‘He will fight in this scene,’ or, ‘He will dance here.’ There are many scenes that will catch people by surprise. I will try my best," he says.

‘Que Sera, Sera’ which is being directed by Kim Yoon Chul, who also directed ‘My Lovely Samsoon,’ will start airing on the 17th.

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