Monks came to welcome Andy Lau

In order to welcome heavenly king Andy Lau whom had not been to Singapore for 2 years, fans from all ages waited for 3 hours before they could get a 30 seconds glimpse of the superstar!

Andy whom had not been to Singapore for 2 years touched down from Hong Kong around 1400 hours 2 days ago, even though it was an afternoon flight, since late morning, a group of die-hard fans were already waiting for him at Changi International Airport Terminal 1. The fans were of all ages, from 4 to 70 years old, there are even monks among the fans presented, believed they are from Fook Hai Temple which is one of the beneficial organisation of Ren Ci Charity Show which Andy raised funds for them.

When Andy’s flight was confirmed to be landed around 1400 hours, fans rushed towards the arrival hall barricade to await his arrival. In order to welcome Andy, more than 100 fans arrived at the airport early in the morning as they prepared banners, some armed with flowers and posters of Andy’s latest Cantonese album – Voice.

The organiser announced Andy’s flight number to the public, originally scheduled to land around 1420 hours, it landed 20 minutes earlier. When they spotted Andy, they immediately rushed forward to the arrival hall gate, the fans were unable to hold their excitement as it created a small commotion.

Although the plane landed at 1400 hours but it took 45 minutes for Andy to walk out of the custom, accompanying him were 6-7 policemen and crew members. Full of smiles, Andy walk out of the arrival gate, although dressed causally with sports wear and jeans, it still could not cover his heavenly king superstar charisma.

The fans rushed forward to give him a huge bouquet of flowers, meanwhile the fans presented also shouted "Wah Zai", "I love you". While waiting toward his waiting car, he never forgets to stop and shaked hands with the fans, showing off his megastar charisma! When asked by reporters, Andy expressed: "It’s been a while I came to Singapore, delighted to see my fans!"

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