Modern Sky Signs American Indie Musician

After signing Spanish band D-Man and Miss Chan, Chinese indie record label Modern Sky Entertainment has added another foreign presence to its roster: an American musician, Arms and Legs, from the United States. ?

This is the first time a Chinese record company has signed an American artist to a recording and agent contract. ?

Vocalist Scott Daly, who is also responsible for most of the instruments, is the one-man band behind Arms and Legs. ?

He formed his first band, "Ebbtide," with friends when he was 13. Later, he went to New York and formed the band "Arms and Legs" with a drummer and a pianist from "Ebbtide," along with a bass player. However, they all quit the band, leaving Scott behind to continue on his own. ??

At a gig in New York, he was accepted by SpinART Records and given more opportunities to perform. A year later, he received an email from Michael, who left SpinART Records for China’s Modern Sky Entertainment. He invited Scott to join. After two days’ consideration, Scott flew to Beijing. ??

His new album will be released globally by Modern Sky next March. ??

Modern Sky’s boss Shen Lihui said, "Scott’s single ‘Let’s Go’ on his MySpace page kept me listening for an entire whole morning, giving me many visions." ??

Arms and Legs will be the guest opener at British band Maximo Park’s gigs at Beijing’s live venue Star Live tomorrow night.

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