Mixing Up The Music Scene,

Now.."Mixing" is in vogue on the pop scene. Performers are teaming up to give fans the double-whammy.

It all started in 2003, when Hong Kong singers Alan Tam and Hacken Lee first teamed up for a world tour. Calling the duo "Left Lin and Right Lee", the two burst onto the national pop market. They went on to shoot a film comedy to expand the collaboration.

Treading in their footsteps, heavyweight singer-songwriters Emil Chau and Jonathan Lee united for a concert in 2004. They did so to celebrate more than a decade of working together. Chau has churned out twenty-five songs written by Lee. And every year, they write at least one song together.

In 2005, Huang Pin-yuan and Richie Ren devised the "Mei Meng Qi Yuan" concert. The tandem successfully debuted in Malaysia, and soon strutted to the Chinese capital. They will hold another joint concert in Hong Kong, this October.

Also in October, we’ll see some of pop’s ladies get together – namely mainland queen Na Ying and Hong Kong icon Karen Mok. The "Ai Na Mo Shen" concert will mix the bold, unrestrained vocals of Na with Mok’s sexy style.

The heralders of the "mix" wave, Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, are still its biggest winners. Tam was a legend through the 1980s and early 90s. While Lee was regarded as his successor, with a similar magnetism. Either by singing the other’s classics, or belting out duets, the duo cast a double-spell wherever they go. The two-in-one format creates a surge at live shows, that can’t be done single-handedly.

As to the coalition between Jonathan Lee and Emil Chau: Lee’s songwriting talent is unmatched in Taiwan, while Chau’s singing is hard to beat. The two famed musicians, on stage together, is a fan’s luxury. Both of their songs were necessities for young people in the 1990s. And the combined mass appeal makes their concerts all the more overwhelming.

Juniors Huang Pin-yuan and Richie Ren are signed to the same label, and have sixteen years of friendship. But they didn’t join hands on stage until last year. Huang is hailed for love ballads. He’s like the affectionate older brother – and Ren the younger, with his spunky,feel-good tunes.

But not all coalitions guarantee that one plus one will add up to great things. The upcoming show by Na Ying and Karen Mok has received little attention. Na Ying is brash while Karen Mok is flirtatious. They’re not similar, nor do they pose an intriguing contrast.

Obviously there are rules to the game. Any two singers can be put together, but it takes a sensible mix.

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