Miss Hong Kong’s arrives at Zhongshan for “Tourism Ambassador Award”,

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants arrived at Zhongshan to compete for the “Tourism Ambassador Award” as well as film on location. After arriving at the hotel, a welcoming ceremony was arranged before they headed out to the former home of Chinese Nationalist Leader Dr Sun Yat-Sen in a packed schedule. The girls were well received by the local residents, who commented on their beuaty and many parents pushed their children out to be photographed with them. One lady handed her child over to Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi, leaving her a little bewildered.

The contestants felt that the locals were very friendly amd welcoming and they also loved the beautiful food, however the weather was very hot and it was hard work for the girls during filming. Most of the contestants were not very clued up on who Dr Sun was, due to many of them having grown up abroad. For Number 1 Amy Tsang Oi Mei, who claims to originate from Zhongshan, this was her first ever trip back to her ‘ancestral village’ and she felt good about it. As she studied at Qinghua University before, she knows who Dr Sun is, but she does not know very much about him. For Wendy who grew up in New York, she is only aware of Chairman Mao Zedong as a Chinese leader, so it would seem that the contestants are in need of a lesson in Chinese history.

Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum has Mongolian roots, but she does not even know about the Mongolian Hero Genghis Khan and she says that her family tree records have been lost, so she does not know if she is descended from Genghis. She also reveals that after a car accident in 2003, she has delayed her education, so she has not completed university yet and has only finished her second year.

For gossip magnet Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, she made a wish earlier in Korea that she will get married and asked if she was desperate, she said: “I have heard that if you have a baby before you are 24, the child will be more intelligent. (Has your boyfriend proposed?) I won’t say yet, I have to keep the mystery.” Asked if her 41 year old boyfriend is desperate to marry, she smiles that even if her boyfriend wants it, she has to be ready too, because she is just 21. However, she added that she is mature enough for marriage now, contradicting herself somewhat.

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