Miss Hong Kong Winners took part in a cooking competition

This year’s Miss Hong Kong winners, Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui together with Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui took part in a cooking competition as judges yesterday and attracted many people to gathered and took photographs, proving that the pull of the girls is not weak. Miss Hong Kong manager Rosa Chan revealed that this year, Aimee cannot represent Hong Kong at the Miss World Pageant on the 30th September because she is already 25 and too old to qualify. This will now fall onto Janet to take her place. Aimee was not disappointed by this because she can still take part in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Janet was very happy about this because there are over a hundred contestants in Miss World and she hopes to be able to experience more.

Suki’s boyfriend Wong Chung Sang has had revelations made about him by his former wife and model Janet Ma, saying that he had asked her for all her jewellery back after their divorce. In resonse to this, Suki said: “This was twenty years ago and things have changed now. (Has your boyfriend give you any jewellery?) Yes, I am very happy with him. (But your boyfriend seems rather petty to ask for his jewellery back from his ex-wife?) It cannot be counted by this, he is generous in real life and that is all that matters. The most important thing is the thought behind the gift and the memories that it holds.”

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