Miss Hong Kong Re-live their Winning Moment – Liza Wang Comments on Eric Tsang’s Behaviour,

This year’s Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan and Janet Chow joined Liza Wang at a promotional event for a watch company yesterday. They wore their watches that they won from the contest, with Aimee’s worth $300,000 studded with diamonds and very valuable. Asked if she likes to buy watches, Aimee smiles that she does but she has to look at the design. As for the most expensive watch she has at home, she says she does not know because most of them were bought by her mother.

Aimee says that the most expensive watch she owns overall is the one she won at the contest and she will choose the occasion to wear it because she is worried about scratching it. For Christmas this year, she still does not know if she has to work yet, but she has bought a lot of Christmas gifts already because she loves Christmas and hopes that she can have a meal with her family at Christmas. Asked if she is not giving any chances for men to pursue her, she smiles that her friends know that she has been very busy after winning Miss Hong Kong, so they will not invite her out.

Liza was also presented with a watch and she says that the watch reflects her work ethic: "Artistes are not omnipotent and just need to be able to show off their talent. Being punctual is important, but also sincerity to work, in tune with the times and always improving themselves." She says that she has high requirements from a watch and she will invest in expensive watches. Her most expensive watch is worth over $200,000.

Liza was an MC on the earlier Tung Wah Show and talking of Yumiko’s incident, she said comfortingly: "For young girls to wear a thong is nothing to be afraid of. She has a great figure and no matter what happens, she will comfort herself in that it was all for charity." She believes that this accident was caused a wardrobe error because she should have chosen non-slip trousers. As for Eric Tsang’s untasteful comments, Liza says: "Maybe he has not had a chance for his danger warning to kick in, the camera should also have steered away."

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