Miss Hong Kong Contestants Prepare for Talent Contest

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Prepare for Talent Contest

The 24 selected contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant were in attendance at TVB City yesterday to prepare their talent show acts for the forthcoming interviews reality show that will take place on Monday evening. They were all heavily laden with their musical instruments such as electric organs, er-hu and Chinese zithers to show the crew how much talent they have.

Those present at the second interview such as ‘commoner Cathy Tsui’, ‘Michelle Saram look-alike’, ‘reported cosmetic surgery’ Kwok Sze Lam and ‘repeat contestant’ Chan Sum Yee were all absent from this show and only ‘Gillian Chung Lookalike’, ‘Gigi Lai Lookalike’ and ‘Grace’made an appearance. Executive Rosa Chan was asked whether Kwok Sze Lam was rejected because of her surgery, she just said that the judges have their own opinions and she does not know the reason. She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the judges had their favourites. The remaining contestants are all confident that they will get into the final 12.

The reality show on Monday will invite 8 male and 8 female judges to select the final 12 contestands. The male judges will include Joe Ma (artiste), Patrick Kong (film producer), William Tang (fashion designer) and Lee Shing Chak (feng shui master). The female judges will include Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Tracy Ip, Priscilla Chik and Ellen Wong. The four overseas contestants will arrive in Hong Kong next week and join the 12 finalists to meet the press officially at the beginning of June.

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