Miss HK’s at TVB External Affairs Christmas Party

The ratings for ATV grand production "Relentless Justice" (aka "No Turning Back") have not lived up to expectations and as they have to prepare for flotation, the company have had to hand out some redundancies to staff at Christmas. However, on the other hand, TVB plan to hand out bonuses to their staff to drive motivation in a show of their relative strength in the market.

TVB’s External Affairs Department held their Christmas Party yesterday and department Assistant Director Mr Tsang Sing Ming revealed the good news, indicating that the board had responded to the good results and rise in profits, so they have decided to allocate 1/16th of the basic profit for 2006 to their long-serving staff as bonuses this year. There will also be exceptional bonuses paid to high performers. The actual amounts of the bonus will vary depending on the employee’s basic salary and should be paid on 12th February.

The three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in yesterday’s party and Koni and Janet indicated that they do not have to work at Christmas. Koni will be attending a fancy dress party, where she will dress as Santa and she has already received a number of presents. As for Janet, although her boyfriend is abroad, she does not mind spending Christmas alone. As her friend is returning to Canada, she will pass on a Christmas gift to her boyfriend, which is some handmade chocolate and a frame with her photograph in it. She has not received anything from her boyfriend yet though.

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