Miss Chinese International Continues Tour of Foshan

The twenty-one Miss Chinese International contestants continued on their tour of Foshan yesterday, experiencing the local culture by trying the lion dancing, making ‘blind mans cake’ and making lanterns.

Number 6 Chinzy Choi (Rotterdam) was rather clumsy with her lion head and could not even lift it on several occasions, turning an ‘alert lion’ into a ‘dead lion’ instead. She says: "This is the first time I have tried lion dancing and because the head is quite heavy, my muscles seized up. Following the steps of the master was quite difficult but I do go to the gym, play golf and go running with my dog. I rarely do such heavy exercise though."

Contestant numbers 1 to 5 were sent to make the cakes, but their handiwork was rather poor and they did not wear gloves, so it was quite unhygienic. Number 2 Aimee Chan (Hong Kong) indicated that she had washed her hands: "Making the cakes was not hard, it was like doing some craftwork. I ate six cakes, but not ones that I had made myself because they fell apart. I did not know how famous blind mans cake was in Foshan and it is made from olive oil, so it is quite healthy and not as fattening." Sherry says the hardest thing is getting the measurement of the ingredients right because if you don’t, then it is easy to fall apart.

Number 12 Sarah Song (Sydney) and Number 14 Susana Su (Vancouver) made lanterns for the first time and Sarah indicated it was good fun, but it is hard to master. Number 13 Yvonne Chapman (Calgary) and Number 15 Novel Lim (Kuala Lumpur) were making papercuts and found it difficult but did learn something from the experience.

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